Stanislav parents were poor barren and aged and many years aguish and arguing over no children – and then one day they felt the power come over them that they would bear a son that would usher in the reuniting of the Orbs and the New Kingdom.

Donald is driven up Silly Cone Mountain by super-expensive limo where he goes to meet Zebulon of Draconn Inc. (they are uselss and cant develope anything with stealing or buying it).

Feature the ‘northern light’s are actually the meeting of the Deep state’s puppets (3 levels – 2 puppet levels – deep deep state (puppet masters) /deep state(dark hand hidden puppets) / puppets visible on world stage).

John’s mum follows behind him to school to check he gets to school because she is worried about the dark hand.

***(on usury – )

“It says in the Old Texts that a time will come when all people are subject to usury, but this is not our way. They interpret the texts we interpret
“There is only one instance when you may, and I stress may, charge usury.”
“And who would that be?”
“Them” he said pointing over the horizon.”
“But why? It seems wrong to charge anyone usury.”
“Because the lender is always servant to the borrower. If you for one minute let your enemies borrow money without interest, before you know and without lifting a figer to generate that wealth, it they will use it for nefariaous proposes  will have millitary might way beyong yours and before you know it they will invade you! That’s why!” Seegood gupled.
“Goodness I never looked at it thatway.”
“Well that’a the way to look at it. Usury is never good my friend; you only ever use it to stop another shie gettog wealthy and gaining the upper hand militariy.”
“But our enemies would never borrow money from us – lest at interest!” Mika tutted and rolled his eyes.
“Precisly do-do. You don’t want them to borrow for the afore mentioned reason – namely – need I say i again, if they borrow money from you, i’e they gain free wealth without hard sweat and tears as you gained your wealth, your enemies with always be at an advatage and sooner or…” Jack finished his sentence.
“They will come fro us and take us.”
“Blimey the boy get’s it. They will take your jobs…”
“Your wealth, your women, your dogs and cats and the very food on your table!”
“Now if you make the usury to your enemies high enough, you won’t have to charge them interest because they will never borrow from you! Get it!”
“I do, it’s actually quite ingeous. It protects us and they go about gaining wealth not by borrowing on the cheap and then pundering eveying in spitting disance, they must go about creating wealth like everyone else!”
“Indeed my boy. It’s not true what your father says about you” he said slapping him on the head.
“The power of a nation depends on how much wealth it has. Now with the nature of men being what it is, give a man a lot of money and it won’t be long before he starts lording it over others. If he’s a really bad man he might come and pillage your town and destroy you and your family. So when a stranger you’ve never met, and you don’t know where he comes from, or what his motives are asks for money, you might want to charge him interest. That way, he’ll go away and make his own wealth, but if he doesn’t, the wealth he has gained from your heard blood and sweat and him not doing anything – you get a little in return for not doin’ anything but lending him ur hard earned money – so its all even. This way Mr Unscrupulous will never get the upper hand see. And if the fool then wants to do battle, then fine – but its on a even footing. It’s quote simple really, but some peoples they mis-interpretate things on purpose see – for their own ends.”
“But not everyone from another country is unscrupulous.”
“Quite true my boy, but it’s a risk too far that we cannot take for the sake of our people. It would be like a house with no doors.”


*** (abolishing border control)

“George! George!” shouted Marley.
“What is it old boy?”
“The King of Inglunde has made a decree.
“It says here it’s by” struggling with the word “ex-e-cu-ti…”
“Executive order! Illegally.”
“Illegally, what do you mean?”
“It means passing a law without consent from his council. Usually one he knows would never pass – though nodays most of his council are probbaly his firends. I think he’s sending out a message.” George looked into the sunset. “It’s started my friend.”

***(The undoing of Smallville Bank)

  1. The Ruler of Inglunde – determined to undermine their bank and weaken Smallville, sends letters out to all of Smallville saying that the Bank is “built on a fault line and could collapse any minute!”
  2. He says don’t panic we will erect a new bank with a vault with walls three times thicker and four times more secure.
  3. They put in their own man – not from Smallville to run the place.

“What are you doing?” said Mr Smallville.
“It’s your bank sir. Your bank is about to collapse.
“But that’s impossible. We got all our customers money backed by the highest grade gold. We never lend out more than we have in gold and we only charge the smallest bit of interests to cover the staffing costs (they steel it the previous night and drill giant holes to make the bank subside). Not the money sir, the building. We’ve had reports of subsidence. Nosies in the night. “How long she got George?”
“A few hours at the most I’d say.” (they plant explosive charges).
“”We better board her up then before someone gets hurt.”
“Wait, the paperwork?”
“It’s all here sir. We emptied it last night. Reports of bangs and crashes.”

***(the people want their money from the old bank)

A dozen huge men in black stood in a circle around the entrance. The crowd was becoming agitated.
“Now stay calm. You can’t go in… it’s not safe.”
“But we want our money now!” said one man climbing the barrier and falling down a shaft crack in the. “Now stay back!”

“So Mr banker will be pleased.”
“We’re not having Mr banker. Err… he’s retiring. Besides, we’ll be using a new system

“Look, he’s referred to as; ‘he who would seek to weaken the shire.” (teaching kids about Drakos).

Eventually with the help of Granddad they pull out the safe to cheers only to find it empty.