A Final Message

Dear friends, 

I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts before I go. Just to say that you are more precious than you will probably ever know. Mothers; teach your daughters well (especially in the ways of avoiding bad men like Derik Schmoogle). Fathers; always tell your young men you love them and don’t exasperate them.. so that they never get so angry with you they take the wrong path and turn out like Erik Schmoogle. Luckily Erik realised he was angry and changed his ways but… 

Children.. know that when your parents discipline you they have your best interests at heart – even when it looks like they don’t care – I can tell you care very much! Remember to make it easier for them to love you by being respectful of them (remember they were young once)…. bla..

Remember that whatever planet you are on – please follow the instructions the creator gives you, lest you find yourself in the sort of trouble described in my accounts and journals of the Blue Planet. But before you follow them – make sure they are the RIGHT instructions! Now I know what you’re thinking; how can I know if my instructions are right among a bazillion other instruction manuals? Well fortunately this is very simple. Just ask the creator of your universe to direct you to the non-counterfeit instructions and if he doesn’t oblige, you are excused and the onus is on him in my mind (remember if he does give you some hints, like all treasure, it may take some time to find them:). 

Finally friends, I have a very serious warning: if you chose to follow the wrong instructions knowing in your heart that they are in fact counterfeits, or something is not right with them – there is no hope, and pretending you didn’t know is no good. But if you genuinely don’t know – all you have to do is keep earnestly seeking and you WILL find the real ones. This way, one day, people will no longer have to suffer and live in peace and harmony.

Your friend