Cosmic Scrubbing

scientist2“There is no such thing as time.” There were some sceptical scoffs and murmurs around the room. “Don’t believe me?.. let me prove it to you.”

The scientist pulled out a tablet from his jacket and touched a few buttons on the screen. At that moment he stopped completely frozen. Suddenly he stepped out of his own figure and there were two of him. There was a gasp from the students. One stationary and a new ‘instance’ still as animated. He continued;

“Now, with this little control here I can move my instance back and forth in ‘time’ as you call it. And of course the subject – in this case me – is non the wiser… except that I’m watching my own edit. When stationary all ‘experience’ stops – that is until we resume the program. To us there is a gap in play, but to the subject he experiences no such ‘gap’ – just a as soon as the program is restarted he has a seem-less experience of one frame moving into another with no gaps!

Of course we have to be careful to do this while other players are not in eye-shot… you know when you haven’t heard from your friends for a few days… they’re probably being scrubbed and edited. We get the person off into a corner somewhere and do our edits. If we really must keep our edit secret at all costs  then we stop all activity and re-render the entire scene, even the cosmos in a few instances. But this is always a last resort as it uses up most of our allotted memory.

Do you ever experience deja vu… you know yo feel you’ve been somewhere before? Well that’s us scrubbing. We try to keep it to a minimum as we don’t wan’t to stir up too much curiosity. It usually happens when we need to repair a scene, or patch something.”