To The Keepers

The story of ™Simultania is dedicated to The Keepers. These are those men, women and children who throughout history have given up their freedom and happiness in the quest to preserve the old wisdom for the sake of others and without whom this tale would not have come about. It is by their actions the rest of us see what real men and women should be, and people like me can sit peacefully by my crackling log fire at night, recount old stories with friends, create works of art and listen to old tunes and music without the worry of someone knocking at my door.

It is especially dedicated to those who lost their lives on distant battle fields, perishing needlessly fighting wars for wealthy people and agendas other than the ones they believed they were fighting for. For little do they realize, that far from dying in vain for the fragile egos of vain men and their mad ambitions – they would one day not only as witnesses and living testimonies give account of their dastardly doings, but preserve the most rare and precious gem or all – goodness itself.

Though the real truth of history is concealed wherever possible by souls darkened by their own desire to pursue knowledge at the expense of the more noble virtues of truth and wisdom, thanks to patience of the keepers and against all odds, light – the fruit of knowledge, truth and wisdom beheld as one can still be found by anyone who cares to look deeper than the superficial, study more than the learned opinions of pipe smoking, turtlenecked, brandy drinking scholars, or hold lightly to the slick, seductive and devious words and manipulations of clever men who have been placed in all the great institutions of learning, religion and commerce. Men whom by ignoring wisdom and truth not only fog their own minds, but collectively and systematically cloud the minds of their subjects be they simple, clever, even the elect!

So if you are a keeper from past or present, do not worry that you have not lived to taste the fruits of your labour or sacrifice, or that you are mocked, marginalize or the world tries to forget you. For this must be expected by all real men and women. For though soon for a short while the world will once again become hostile towards you, this will quickly pass and all that suppress truth will disappear like an evaporating vapor in the wind. Take heart, for as surely as sunshine the follows storm, all this is just a precursor to the glory that is about to bestowed on all that love truth – and the even greater glory bestowed on those that loved it yet were denied it and unable to behold it with their eyes. I hope someday I can give something as valuable as the keepers, and perhaps one day even meet you.


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