Blue Planet: Dreams

Something deep in the cosmos was disturbed and Akinu could not sleep. Beads of sweat covered his face and body and had formed a damp area on the ground around him. For days he’d had the same nightmare over and over, each time the dream being more intense and terrifying than the last.

The dream was always the same.  Akinu would be standing in the open desert watching a bright object hurtling through space towards the edge of the planet’s atmosphere, and crashing into the earth. The flaming object would always be heading straight for him, and just as he was about to be struck he would awake in terror.

The dreams had become so vivid, and so disturbing that this once strong, cool tempered and skilled hunter-gatherer with the stealth of a wild cat, and unshakeable confidence of an ox, had become like a frightened animal trapped by fear and irrational thoughts. He had even started taking out his frustrations on his family and all but lost his drive to hunt for food that his family were beginning to go hungry. The dreams and visions had become more frequent and intense that he was barely able to keep it out of his mind. This once proud strong man had become a frightened shell – obsessed by an object which he couldn’t get out of his mind. Clutching his head, he tried to rid himself of the nightmare but it was no use. Once again he felt the same intangible force getting ever stringer.

His mate Summa put a tender hand on his arm to comfort him.

“Sleep” she said “it’s just a dream.”

Akuna’s response was a silence that spoke of a seriousness she had not encountered with him before. Tired and exhausted, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep but the fear lingered and rest would not come. Till now life was uncomplicated. His routines were constant and his mandate simple – to take charge and provide for his family. But he had always felt he was merely a small part of something larger. But now he had a foreboding feeling that he was the centre of the universe and about to be trapped by something he may not be able to control.