Erik Rises – writing guide

Story Summary

Donald Schmoogle funded by The Dark Hand has gone from meek well loved chemist to wealthy rich Tyrant. Sick of his hander’s meddling he threatens the Dark Hand but pays for it. They hatch the next part of their plan – to replace him with a new puppet – Erik Schmoogle.

  1. ———THE RISE OF ERIK——-
  2. Donald is called to a board meeting at Schmoogle; “But I didn’t call a aboard meeting?”
  3. Erik is sitting in his father’s chair with all the board members present. Who all vote that Erik replaces Donald. (retribution for his father exasperating him).
  4. Donald protests and goes round the room but all the board have a=changed and gone against him (they are all scared of Erik).
  5. Erik shouts; “Take him away.”
  6. Erik visits Donald in the prison under Silly Cone Mountain where the Dark Hand once held him and torments him and tells him why he hates him.