Eutopia/City of Light (1st 3.5yrs) – writing guide

Story Summary

1st 3.5 years of fun in Eutopia – peace and safety; peace treaty signed with Dark Hand. Peace until Erik decides to turn on Dark Hand; “Ahh and we forgot to add; don’t go declare to the people you are some kind of God!!” “Then we must depose him before he deposes us!” (replace him with Derik as if nothing has happened).

During this time Granddad and someone else time travel several times from Olive Road into the future and spend 3 years telling the people’s of Eutopia it’s a fake city. They are finally killed.

  1. Unholy trinity (Dark Hand/Preists/Erik) sign peace treaty signed (shared power) and signed with most of the shires who agree to serve Eutopians (except a few people in what remains of Smallville) that have not been desolated in the outskirts.
  2. Dark Hand celebrate finishing their long awaited achievement and “ruling Eutopia via our proxy puppet Schmoogle!”
  3. Erik now looking like Kim Jong un still with posters of his father all over EutopIa even though he has imprisoned him unknown to masses who think he died and mourned at fathers funeral with fake body.
  4. He takes his proposal to The Dark Hand who laugh which he does not like.
  5. the Dark Hand are a little unnerved; “He’s going a little far don’t you think?”
  6. Erik, now having no use for them decides to turn on his handlers – The Dark hand, having no use for “these fools who believe they put me in power. If they are so powerful, let’s see them stop me lock them up!”
  7. The Dark Hand have emergency meeting and hatch plan to install Erik’s long ago locked up tormented twin brother (who looks like tramp and now behaves like a animal) in middle of the night (puppet Derik)
  8. They attempt to train and socailize Derik grooming and promising Derik what “your brother stole” if he signs a deal to keep them in luxury and safe.
  9. Derik agrees and usurps his brother (having been convinced by the dark hand it is his birthright) on the throne of Eutopia having replaced imprisoned his brother Erik (unknown to masses who think its the same person) and their (step) father Donald.
  10. The Dark Hand have just installed Derik and are celebrating – having signed a deal with Derik think they have an equal power share (“just so long as we can continue to direct things from the shadows) and think they are safe forever.
  11. Derek starts to revert to his animalistic ways embarrassing Dark Hand.
  12. The Eutopians get suspicious and wonder whats happened to Erik.
  13. The People of Outskirts know Derik is imposter.
  14. But now Derik, having had good fortune believes he is entitled and wise enough to declare himself Emperor of the World.
  15. Erik decides to break treaties with shires and turn on Dark Hand (gnostics) and the Priests of Subterfuge (pedlars of false doctrines).
  16. Dark Hand panic; “We forgot to add; you may not declare to the people you are God!!” “Then we must depose him before he deposes us!” (replace him with Derik as if nothing has happened).
  17. Dark Hand replace Erik with Derik (unknown to masses).
  18. Erik is dropped down a shaft to where his dad is; “What are you doing here Erik?”
  19. Dark Hand believe they are safe forever with equal power share and added clause; “you cannot declare yourself above us or God).
  20. Dark Hand celebrate beliveing this time they have done it.
  21. Meanwhile… Drakos (goat-man) has been born self realised who he is and the true deep state gather an army from the east to depose the Schmoogle’s and kill any dissenters inside Eutopia and all the Little People (who he blames convinces those followers he has left in Eutopia for everything).
  24. 2nd 3.5 years; Drakos then declares himself not only Emperor of the universe – but creator and begins to persecute anyone – Little People and Eutopians that go against him!
  25. Two witnesses (Granddad and Donald – time travellers?) get sums wrong and appear in wrong place outside city, and have to make their way in and preach to all Eutopians they been duped and will not stop preaching. “People of Eutopia… do not be deceived – open your eyes! Removal of the safety of the nation state has lead you into the false freedom. But you have no freedom!”
  26. Two witnesses killed people celetrate in and out of now burned out Eutopia that resembles the outskirts.