A Message From The Author


Hello, greetings and wonderment in the name of our great and mighty leader Theo! No I’m not another wizard, and this isn’t another wizard story, it’s… well, something I’ve been asked to tell you about based on things I’ve been observing in the ™SimulVerse (I’ll tell you what that is later).

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is August Moon or August’oon for short. My general title is; ‘Chief Cosmic Scribe’ – soon to retire I might add! My official, rather more fitting title is; ‘Supreme Celestial Transcriber’, though I always thought ‘Principal Astral Editor’ sounded rather good. I see myself as a kind of ‘intergalactic journalist’ – or glorified cosmic paper shuffler as the junior scribes call me when I’m out of eye-shot.

It’s a scribes’ job to make sure everything that happens in the SimulVerse™ – be it deed, event, word or thought is accurately recorded on ‘scrolls’. It’s ‘regulations’ here in the OuterRealm™ that everything must be recorded by hand, as a testimony to be presented at an important but as yet unknown (to scribes) future event.

Being a journalist, it’s also my job to gather and consolidate all the news and current affairs happening around the SimulVerse™, and keep the inhabitants of Simultania™ up to date on any breaking stories and events. I often work on the move, for example I’m writing this from Portal: 625693, but later I might be writing from Worm-Hole: 2176234. I often get weigh-laid with other commitments so I’m writing this on my lunch break. Of course we don’t get paid over-time here because there is no ‘time’ – but it’s all for a good cause. I’ll tell you now (so you don’t think I’m rude) that at any moment I may have to cover some breaking news or event in another dimension. So if you hear my pager going and I disappear, you’ll know what happened!

There is one thing I should mention – a sort of admission if you like – not that I’ve done anything wrong you understand. You see I have a weakness that’s not ideal for scribes, and that is… I sometimes fall asleep on old logs by rivers. Now there’s no harm in that I know, but it can lead to one or two blanks in my journal. You see, ™Simultania has a lot of distractions for overworked scribes with short attention spans like me. I even fell asleep at our leader’s inauguration! The Council of The OuterRealm™ do love their ceremony and drag things on a bit sometimes!

Now don’t be alarmed as I have employed a backup plan for my ‘problem’. I call him my imp, and he is under strict instructions to follow me around and take notes of daily events – lest I miss anything. I explained to him I have a rare condition which he diagnosed as ‘sleeping on the job’ – needless to say I have rationed his ink for a week. Between you and me, I’d rather keep my little ‘habit’ to ourselves besides, I wouldn’t want to distract my superiors from their important work with such trivial matters. It just means I may be a bit rusty on one or two details, but the essence of the story is the same, and it’s a jolly good one – you might want to tell your friends about it!


Being an ongoing saga, I will endeavour to update this story whenever I get new information, hear of relevant events or can read my handwriting better. Accordingly you will notice the story ‘version’ periodically updated – this one being ™Simultania 1.0. And in case you’re thinking this is a work of fiction, let me put your mind at rest; what I’m about to tell you has been witnessed by millions all over the SimulVerse™ (as an experienced scribe I consider it bad journalistic practice to believe any story via here-say, and suggest one only believes stories witnessed by a minimum of two folk – or preferably thousands like this one – one can’t be faulted for being wrong, but you can for not searching for the truth in the first place!

Did I tell you what ‘SimulVerse™’ means? It comes from the word; ‘Simultania™’ which means; place of many dimensions or worlds within worldsThere are many dimensions in ™Simultania and together they make up the ‘SimulVerse™’. The outermost dimension is called the ‘OuterRealm’ (where I am) and inside this is the ‘InnerRealm’ – made up of nine other dimensions. Each of these contains a single ‘Universe™’ – a ‘cosmos’ or spacetimecontinuum’ as it’s technically known. Most of these are for testing purposes only. One of them is where you are now!

Now there are two types of ‘Universe™’; a real ‘spacetime continuum (RSC) called a ‘TruVerse™’ and a virtual ‘spacetime continuum’ (VSC) called a ‘DigiVerse™’. I use the word time not because time is real, but because that’s how people in the InnerRealm™ (where you are) make sense of things. It’s designed that way so you know roughly what part of history you are in. In reality though, all points of ‘time’ in the SimulVerse™ – past, present and future exist simultaneously as ‘event-frames’ and depending on what type of permit you have, one can view ‘time’ in two ways.

In the InnerRealm™ (where you are) event frames can only be viewed in ‘linear viewing mode’ (one after the other). This gives the illusion of ‘time’ and is why you always feel you are in the ‘now’ or ‘present’ and not the past or future (you may be pleased about this!). In the OuterRealm (where I am), with a permit one can view the event-frames of history either one by one, or all simultaneously allowing us to see any part of history, in any order we like. We call this ‘simultaneous’ or ‘non-linear viewing mode’. You can imagine, not being constrained to a time or place in history has advantages. For instance, I could go to any point in the past or future, observe what’s going on and come back and resume this conversation and you wouldn’t know I’d left!

You see, because your Cosmos™ is inside ™Simultania which is timeless, your future has already happened – including this conversation! The reality is, here in ™Simultania we can view, re-view, ‘fast-forward’ and ‘rewind’ any part of your history and even edit the events you feel you are experiencing for the first time! Am I confusing you? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems.

Whilst I think of it, you may notice the letters ‘TM’ on rather a lot of words. This is because we recently had a spate of cosmic intellectual property thefts our superiors have instructed us to mark all our inventions. The new rules are designed keep this to a minimum. Oh, and for those of you in the ™UniVerse or listening via the SimulNet™, you’ll get better reception by turning your receiver towards the planet Plutalmos or Thalmus. These have high a concentration of mercury and reflect our broadcasts rather well.

Before I go may I encourage you before you, read this story to… well… empty your mind of anything you think you know for sure. You see most people think backwards and forwards, and maybe even up and down, but not sideways. The beauty of sideways thinking is you can understand things that you would not normally be able to. And because this story is a little unusual – you may be advised when you don’t understand part of it (or anything for that matter) to think sideways.

Now I know what you’re thinking… get on with it slow coach… I want to hear the story – not all this nonsense! All in good speed, there’s an awful lot to tell and besides, I’ve got to a very important meeting in another world… well… another dimension to be preciseOur leader will be there and this time I don’t want to be late. Well friends, I must leave you now… I’m sure I’ll see you around the ™SimulVerse – Ta-ra!

Your new friend,
August Moon B.Sc. (Bachelor of Scribology)
Chief Celestial Transcriber

P.S. if you want to ask me anything about Simultania™, please send a note to my mailbox. All letters will be read but I can’t promise to reply – I’m in rather high demand as you can imagine! Find my mailbox at:

Box 777
Portal 625638
Space Continuum 1

P.P.S. when approaching my box, be careful of black-hole No.63829478372662. I have lost many an interesting letter due to careless navigation here.

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