Theo 3: Journey Of A Lifetime

infini-cinema-headgear-theoThe boy put on the special ™InfiniCine helmet and pressed ‘PLAY►’ starting the presentation. The credits seemed to go on for ages and it was clearly an enormous production with a cast of thousands… perhaps millions!

The first thing he noticed was that all the ‘actors’ in this play seemed to be playing themselves which was rather odd. It was as if all the players, including the hero had already been selected, and yet he was being auditioned for that lead role. And it was now that boy discovered for the first time the name of the hero. The lead part was displayed at the top of the credits under the word; Starring… It was spelled; THEO.


When the credits finally finished there was a slight pause, and then the first scene began. Standing right in front of him in his ™InfiniCine helmet another small boy appearing out of nowhere in a white space with no walls. This boy, was holding a shiny black orb, just as he was earlier. As he watched, he got the strange sensation he was looking at himself.

Then, in an instant everything changed. Suddenly in super surround sound 15D ™InfiniCine he was whisked off and taken onto an amazing and unimaginable new world of and incredible sites, landscapes, sounds, smells, creatures and events that was so real he could hardly catch his breath of hold on to the arms of his seat.

The first thing he saw was a wonderful endless lush green grassy landscapes, rolling hills with beautiful streams and rivers running between them, huge animals and flying creatures, and golden paths and huge crystal buildings.

Then the scene went from peaceful to frightening, and he saw what looked like a huge battle. But the battle seemed to be in the same wonderful place he had just been. And then he saw a dark black foreboding sky and falling star on fire tearing through the cosmos, and then a dry desert, and several wanderers gathered round a stone.

At every scene he not only flew above but right into the scene and around the people. He could control his position in the scene, wether he flew above the sky, around a building, or under a bridge. There were hundreds of scenes but time seemed to whizz by as if there was none.


The boy watched the entire production through once and then began to use the button to watch and examine many of the scenes over and over. There was one scene that looked particularity difficult to play, even for the toughest hero. He played this part over and over, zooming in and out to get a closer look at the action. In all he must have watched the play a thousand times!

Finally, being satisfied he understood the role in full he felt ready to announce his decision. He pressed ‘STOP’ and removed his ™InfiniCine helmet.

“Hello again” said a voice as the DigiHost™ appeared in front of the boy again.

“You appear to be ready to make your decision.Do you have any questions about the presentation or need any more ‘time’ ?” said the DigiHost™.

“Of course, if you have any doubts, by all means reject this role and we will continue the interview process until we find a suitable and willing candidate.”

“I do have one question” said the boy. Why does the action stop and go blank after frame 3273645289373?”

“Ahh…” said the DigiHost™. “That’s because it’s forbidden for anyone except the hero to know the exact time of the event that occurs after that frame. Whilst this may seem a little odd, rest assured what happens after frame 3273645289373 is very good indeed. You will need however to take our superiors’ word on this for now and as I’ve said before – if you are in any doubt by all means reject this role! We can always order more interviewees!

Shall I assume you’re are ready to make your decision? Just to remind you, press the blue button to accept, or the red button to decline. Do not press the large white button as this will reset the entire program!”

The boy’s finger hovered over the two large buttons for a long while. It was as if he wanted to be absolutely certain he was making the right decision, after all, the DigiGuide™had already made it clear that to accept the role and go back on the decision would be catastrophic for everyone, and was out of the question. The boy took a deep breath, and without further hesitation pressed ‘YES’. The DigiGuide™could hardly contain his excitement;


“Well done No.300,000,000,001!!!” Can we at the Infinitorium thank you for taking the time to review our production of Life™ and thank you even more for accepting the great and mighty challenge to play the lead part of Theo!

If you would now like to make your way to the newcomers department you will be receive your personalized Simultania StarterPack with instructions of what to do now!”

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