Origin Of Species

“Now class” said Mr Slipsure, “todays’s lesson is all about the formation of life and how we all got here. As you can see were are all very different, and yet we all came from the same common ancestor” he said looking at the different faces in the class and fixing his eyes on Erik Schmoogle; “Of course, with some life forms there really are no explanation at all.”  Erik looked from side to side as if to say Mr Slipsure couldn’t possibly mean him. Drawing on the board the teacher drew some different shapes and lines.

“Now creating life is surprisingly simple if you know how” he continued. “All one needs to make a living organism, is to put all the complex molecules necessary for life together in one place, and give it some energy.”

For Erik the lesson took its usual course and always seemed to go for hours like hours, with the schoolmaster making some few scribbles on the board. Finally ending Mr Slipsure said;

“Tonight’s homework is to study how life is made and we will discuss your findings in tomorrow’s lesson.” The teacher paused nervously for a moment;

“Oh and Erik, seeing as you have an extra special interest in ‘creating things’ this subject and it’s your turn to give a demonstration of your findings tomorrow in tomorrow’s lesson.”

Erik gave his usual bemused look and thought for a moment. At first he was rather put out at being singled out again to do more homework than anyone else, but then, a smile came over his face.

“Oh thank you sir” Erik replied. You see Erik had came up with one of the best ideas he’d ever had and tomorrow, he would demonstrate to the whole class his true genius. The truth was, Erik Schmoogle was in fact a child prodigy and as his father would often say; “the brain of a genius in a boy’s body”, and he was about to prove it.