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Kings of The Outer Realm (episodes 1-9)


Kings of The Blue Planet (episodes 10-20)

Something has happened in the cosmos. The power behind the beautiful and bountiful worlds of Simultania™ has been broken causing the laws of physics and entropy to reverse and even matter itself to change. Without this life sustaining power holding everything together, the cosmos is now in disarray – the planet though still beautiful is merely a decaying shadow of its former self. Things that once lived forever now die, and It is only a matter of time before the cosmos self destructs.

But the disturbance has gone deeper. The people of The Blue Planet have also changed and lost their way. With the peaceful planet now ravaged by corruption, plagues (feature giant mutated mosquitos etc) war, the masses now starving and in a desperate bid to survive forced to betray one another. Their leaders – once good men, but now detached from reality and conscience have formed a secret order and are bent on gaining all of ™Simultania and its resources for themselves and made it their duty to ‘manage’ the chaos for their own ends.

Yet a worse calamity waits in the wings. This same malign group, also known as The Dark Hand are about to use this chaos to bring their ancient and more sinister plot to fruition. For centuries they have known how to restore entropy to the cosmos, and learned the secret of eternal life, but having purposely broken the power source behind the cosmos, know that law and order can only be restored by force. 

Outnumbered by the people and needing their consent to realise their dream, they play their trump card – a promise to bring order out of chaos. As they prepare to enforce their universal, inter-dimensional ‘freetatorship’ on Simultania™, all that is left is to destroy those who know their real plan, and enslave those that remain for all eternity.

Kings of The New Order (episodes 21-30)



The First Rebellion

The entire (real) cosmos is in grave danger. The ten laws that have governed and stabilised it and have been altered, laws that for millennia have been upheld by ten powerful Orbs of Providence that were once in the possession of The Council of the Outer Realm have gone missing.

The First War

The war was brutal and fought with weapons of light. Drakos and his armies were overcome and locked away before being granted and standing trial in The Council of The Outer Realm. Finally after his demands are met by Theo, he was again thrown into prison to await the final verdict and to the astonishment of his colleagues (but not to him) all his wishes and trial was granted. He would given dominion over a brand new cosmos created in the image of the first especially for him to carry out his own governance. Next Theo assigned his assistants to commence creating Drakos’ new world and cosmos in which to reign. But it would not be long before this entire new cosmos would be in grave danger.

The Cosmic Code

The program was finished. They had solved ‘the problem’ by commissioning an open-source program that was ready to run its first and only time. He knew he was taking a huge risk by leaving the code open as the entire cosmos could be hijacked, yet he showed no signs of panic as the code was perfect. The system modelled on the un-editable universal laws and constants booted up without hitch. He switched the CosmicPlayer™ to ‘non-linear‘ (zero latency) event mode and entered the command: run_prog2 into the control panel. This allowed him to instantly record a ‘Master Print’ of the program’s resulting events to used later as a legally binding record by The Council of The OuterRealm.

The Blue Planet

Once upon a time there was a place called The Blue Planet. It was a lush green and emerald with many great nations and rulers. After 1000’s years of tyranny, a small group, guided by the wisdom of The Great Orbs and knowing how too much power in the wrong hands always ends in corruption, made special laws to limit the power of their rulers, and because of this, the people of The Blue Planet lived for many years in peace, prosperity and happiness.

But a new cloud was forming. A few men with darkened minds had decided their past failures and these new limits to their power was stopping them reaching their goal of becoming immortal beings, and ruling the world according to their own selfish desires. So in secret, they invented a plan that over centuries, would uproot these laws one by one and enslave mankind under their rule forever.

The Dark Hand

The Dark Hand have made great strides in their plan to take over The Blue Planet, plunder it’s wealth and take over its citizens and rule over them forever. By keeping the Great Orbs separated, not only have they managed to break down law and order and set one group against another, but confusion has broken out and soon they will take over the world. But unknown to them, several hundred years in the future, a small group of people in a little town, still faithful that the Great Orbs will one day be reunited and order restored to the cosmos, had deciphered an ancient prophecy, and learned of the dark plan. Knowing the peril that the planet was in, and with all odds against them, this group decided to stand up to this dark unseen hand, to save the world and the cosmos from tyranny.


The Little People

The Little People (faithful few) armed with the Orbs of Truth and Wisdom are on a mission to find and long ago stolen Great Orb of Knowledge and reunite the Orbs to restore order to the cosmos. But the evil ruler Drakos’ has a plan to use take over the Blue Planet. Under Drakos’s direction the Ancient empire many groups have tried to stop them and failed. First theBabylon/Assyrians, then The Priests of Subterfuge. Finally these groups come together (1776) and use the power of The Orb of Knwoedge in one final effort to thwart The Little People’s mission, and destroy the Great Orbs of Wisdom and Truth, plunder The blue Planet’s wealth, and enslave the people forever.

note: once 2 members of little people bring back the Orb of knowledge fromThe North, a little breakaway group stops adhering to the Old Texts and starts listening only to it and forming their own hellish doctrines (Kabal)


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