Key Story Points

The following notes are to help me remember all the nuances and Q&As regarding characters, objects, storylines etc. Transfer these to a wiki or to a Encyclopedia install of WP later.

The Black Stone

  • When Drakos realises he is in trouble and his wicked heart is killing him. Believing it to be a gift to the people of earth in their quest to overthrow and remove the shackles Theo has placed around all souls, he rips out his heart and casts it to earth.
  • It turns to stone on entering the atmosphere – locking in it’s evil.
  • It’s a poisonous radioactive onyx stone – the hardest substance on earth (perhaps something harder in the cosmos can break it?).
  • “Now my heart is with my people. Anyone that worships it will share my desires to unlock the secrets of the Orb.”
  • Anyone that worships The Black Stone will be given Drakos’ heart of stone and will gain an unquenchable self-destructive thirst for Dark Knowledge (knowledge untempered by Truth or Wisdom).
  • Anyone that worships as it’s believed by doing so it will lead them to the key to unlock the Orb of Knowledge which it does.
  • The Black Stone has no power if the Orbs are united.
  • All who worship it receive Drakos’ heart of seeking knowledge for evil and ultimately death.


THEOS Inc. is the power behind Theo’s throne and they reside in the centre of the earth creating a super powerful life source that burns anything evil up in it’s way. But anything good that gets in it’s way is further made good.

The Great Orbs; T/K/W (THEOS Inc.

The 3 Great Orbs (TKW) are only made for Drakos’ digi-world since the real power in heaven was THEOS Inc. in the centre of the world – just like the 3 Orbs are at the centre of SimVerse earth over which the library is built and the centre of the city. All sin including mortal humans would be burnt up if they stood in this light stream/river. So inanimate stones must replace THEOS Inc.

  • These are only related to understanding and knowledge and their existence together or non-existence separated is not related to death but to true enlightenment and goodness when together or false enlightenment (darkness from half-truths) and folly when separated.
  • Unlocking the Orb of Knowledge without the temperance of truth and wisdom brings death on the planet and is unleashed only when Drakos realises he is doomed.

The Orbs of Virtue

  • The smaller Orbs of Virtue are cast down into the cosmos later by Theo or his assistants?

Rules of the ‘Game’ Soul Wars

  • In the interest of a level playing field at Drakos request, Theo is not allowed to communicate with his assistants during the game (soulwars book) and must remain locked in a glass container (like David Blane).
  • Later when Drakos is convinced he has won and Theo has no more cards left to play he lets Theo out to survey the damage Drakos produly displyes he has done to Theos kingdom. “They detest you, most don’t even recognise you. They have come over to my side – the true light!”
  • Theo then place his ace and enters the InnerRealm himself to Drakos’ shock
  • Now Drakos realises he must not only give his heart – but he must enter into humanity as a man just as Theo has (aping everything he does).

The Book of Words

  • This is the book he was given by Veritas, Sophias and Agnitio with the pure etherial language – the true deep magic that Theo uses to create things.

Light River


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