Theo: Introduction


Concerning Beginnings, Middles and Ends

Do you ever wonder how you got here?.. I know I do. They say it’s all in the mind you know, and that might be a bit closer to the truth than you think. Now I know what your thinking; all this ‘how did we get here’ nonsense is a bit of a chicken and elephant situation. My money is on the elephant – I mean can you imagine a chicken giving birth to something so big?

Now I should say right away something about the terminal-ology I use in this story. Where I am now (in the ™OuterRealm) there is no past or future – only the present or the ‘now’ as you say. So we often just use the word ‘is’ because, well… around here, things here just are! However where you are now (in the ™InnerRealm) where you have ‘time’, ‘past’ and ‘present’ (this is an illusion I will explain later) one might say something ‘was’, ‘is’ or ‘will be’.

And I’ve discovered something else amazing about what is and what isn’t during my extensive studies in preparation for writing this story. I found out that what’s actually real, doesn’t depend on what you think reality is – or would like it to be, but rather what reality actually is… I know this sounds obvious but many people are caught out here, and as you will see they can be two very different things!

So now let me tell you about our leaders. Now since their exact names are not presently known, I will refer to them as; The Powers That Is. The Powers That Is are the power behind everything – all matter, the universes and everything we see, hear and feel, and life itself. But unlike you or I, The Powers That Is doesn’t have a beginning, middle and end. No, you see The Power That Is – is everything, and when you are everything, you don’t need beginnings, middles and ends… and certainly not chickens and elephants!


Now The Powers That Is don’t have a mind like you or me… because The Powers That Is – are a mind – and a clever one too! You see when you and I have an thought, it enters our brain, whizzes around a bit and if you’re like me, disappears rather quickly (probably a good thing). However, when The Powers That Is has a thought, they never forget it, and it’s always brilliant!

So how did we get here? I don’t mean our bodies, I mean he real us – our thoughts – how did our minds appear in this giant ™SimulVerse? Well I’m not entirely sure, but one thing I do know is we both appeared in our respective Universes™ from nowhere. I know this because there was a time when I wasn’t able to ask such daft questions, but now I can – and if it weren’t true we wouldn’t be talking about it now! Yet you will note that neither of us gave anyone our permission to put us here. Now I find this most odd – even a touch presumptuous by whoever or whatever did it… but I’ll  come back to this later.

Anyway, it all started (and I say that loosely) when The Powers That Is was contemplating a ‘new’ idea (of course nothing is new here). They wanted to know if it was possible to do something that was, well… not possible! In this case being they wanted to see if was there something greater than being The Powers That Isbeing and having everything – surely an impossibility?

Now if you and I were asked to do something 100% impossible, we would probably say; are you mad?.. and go and have lunch instead. But the answer to their question turned out to defy logic – that is, with a little ‘sideways’ thinking, it is in fact possible to do the impossible, and that there is something greater than having everything!

Are you confused? Let me explain. The Powers That Is demonstrated, that by dividing them-self into smaller parts and becoming less, they could actually become greater as a whole! That by each having less, and sharing what they had with one another for free (and I don’t mean the sort of ‘sharing‘ the politicians do where they take from the hard-working thrifty type and give it to the lazy – all the while making sure they stay rich themselves) you create an overall increase in prosperity, diversity and fulfilment for all! Becoming less was not to diminish – but to become greater! Hmmm… I wonder if this is where the phrase; ‘less is more’ came from?

Well, knowing this ‘revolution’ in thought had the power to change everything they quickly applied their new ‘logic’ to other ‘impossibilites’ like; can perfection be improved on? – the answer with linear (straight) thinking of course is no – but with sideways thinking, a resounding yes! I will warn you though, it can’t happen the way one might expect, but since I learned about sideways thinking, it’s never ceases to amaze me how it can save the day when all else fails! Normally I keep this kind of ‘secret’ knowledge close to my chest – I like to stay ahead you see. However the results of sideways thinking – the increase in abundance, inventions, wonderful diversity and fulfilment so beneficial to all, I’m now fully convinced there is nothing to gain from keeping it to myself – hence I’m sharing it with you.  I’m glad they didn’t ask me to ponder these questions as things might have been very different round here, but luckily I was just a twinkle in my father’s conscience! But I digress.

Having demonstrated that giving is in fact better than taking, The Powers That Is set about moving this idea from their mind to reality. They would start by dividing their collective self into another ‘self’ –  a kind of physical ‘friend’ if you like. Someone with which to share their creative powers. Then they could not only enjoy seeing their own dreams become reality, but enjoy watching this other ‘self’ turn dreams into realties too – thus increasing joy for everyone! However it was this ‘sharing’ of their creative power that gave rise to ‘the one and only impossibility’ or ‘the problem’ as its often called.

You see there is one thing that can never, ever be done and that’s the sharing of the power of creation itself – this getting dreams out of one’s mind and into reality (a process called TMDreamCreation). Whilst things that already exist can be shaped, fashioned and shared, creation itself requires all the power there is – not half or a bit. This is because The Great Law of TMSiumltania (as defined and fixed by the The Powers That Is at the outset) says that The Single Invisible Substance (the stuff needed to make things from scratch) cannot be created, divided, shared or destroyed – even with sideways thinking (you may have learnt this in science).

So their apparent ‘dilemma’ was weather to risk giving this new ‘self’ all of their creative power or nothing, and abandon their plan to become greater by sharing things with others altogether.  Well… if it wasn’t for their ingenious solution I would have told them their decision to go ahead and transfer not a bit – but all the creative power in the cosmos to their new ‘friend’ as unquiveringly reckless! I mean can you imagine giving all that power to someone you just met, not knowing if it’ll be used against you? Such power in the wrong hands would surely lead to disaster but luckily I wasn’t there to ask.

I now see their solution to this ‘problem’ and decision to go ahead was pure genius and no risk at all. A solution so simple and you’d fall off your chair if I told you! You see their new friend wasn’t like you or I – i.e. prone to the occasional outburst and sometimes found sleeping on the job. No no, their new friend was more like… a an extension of them… a ‘vessel’ or ‘portal’ if you like from which they could see and experience all the new and wonderful things their new being might make. Their new ‘self’ would not be separate but merely an extension of them-self.

To create this ‘being’ The Powers That Is would divide up their conscience – partition it if you like, then using TMDreamCreation, create a new vessel for their conscience to live in. Then they would simply transfer their limitless power to his new vessel. Of course it would all be done with the consent of the new being, and if for some reason the vessel wasn’t suitable – they would simply create another until they found one willing. Their new friend was actually not really a friend at all – simply a place where they them-self could live! WOW! Now that’s sideways thinking!

Lastly The Powers That Is would need was a way to give this new friend controlled access to all their power – rather like a transformer allows one to contain and manage electricity safely. To do this they wrote their TMDreamCreation language down in a special book with clear instructions on how to use it. This new ‘self’ or ‘dreamer’ could then safely shape the energy into a myriad of marvelous things – in fact, literally anything that came to mind simply by speaking this amazing language! Apparently no one’s ever heard it – but I thought I once heard Theo use it to create a mug of coffee!

So despite my skepticism they weren’t being irresponsible at all by handing their power to someone they didn’t know, but merely transferring it to them-self (because of this some have since claimed that The Powers That Is needed to withhold the power from others for bad reasons and the question of; ‘who should hold the keys’ to all this power – has led to all manner of squabbles since. But I can assure you this is not the case and it was that if they shared even one bit of this energy, there wouldn’t be enough to get their dreams out of their mind and into reality).

You might think The Powers That Is took an awful long time to do all this thinking and planning, but since we don’t have ‘time’ up here (only ‘events’ or ‘time-frames’) everything happens in a jiffy. The Power That Is works (with some exceptions) in ‘non-linear event mode’, where all  events or frames can be viewed and/or edited at once simultaneously. It’s faster to get things done that way, and the reason I don’t bother writing the date in my journal!

Anyway, that’s enough about beginnings, middles and ends. In the following pages you are about to hear the most amazing story that’s never been told – a story about someone who had everything, but knew that having less and sharing what they had with others would be a lot more fun! So my friend, the time has come to get your sideways thinking cap on!


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