The Chronicles of ©Simultania™ Book Series

The chronicles of Simultania™ is based on a true story that’s still unfolding as we speak. It’s a tale of intrigue and drama, good versus evil, love, war and conquest – a magical journey of worlds within worlds and stories within stories and you are somewhere in that story! Find your place in the saga – read ™Simultania now >>simultania-series-books(colour)

The Greatest Story Never Told!
You are about to enter the ™SimulVerse… a true tale of mystery, intrigue, courage
and triumph! By entering, you agree your life may never be the same again…

Read the greatest story never told!
Taken from the journals of August Moon and illustrated by Munter Von-Schribler, this ten part saga tells the true story of the beautiful and bountiful worlds of ™Simultania and The Blue Planet. Follow the adventures of Johnny K. Knowley and friends to find out how against all odds, this small group manage to oppose the dark forces of ™Simultania and save the The Blue Planet and the entire cosmos from the tyrannical rule of The Dark Hand! To read the story follow the links at the bottom of each page.

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