STOP – Proceed with caution! You are about to enter the ™SimulVerse!

This story is not for the feint hearted. Reading ™Simultania may seriously affect your understanding of reality. If you are fable dependent stop reading now, close your browser and watch television, or continue at your own risk!

What This Story Is About

This saga tells the untold true story of the multi-dimensional worlds of ™Simultania and The Blue Planet, and its inhabitants struggle for freedom against the evil rulers of the ™SimulVerse.


™Simultania can entertain, enlighten, inspire and encourage.


Adults – do not exceed 3 books in any monthly period. Children (and other fable resistant beings) no maximum dosage.

How To Read This Saga:

  • Do not exceed stated dose
  • Do not mix with other sagas
  • Exercise during and after reading
  • Always read the label

Check Before You Read:

  • Do you have a predisposition to believing myths, fables or other illness?
  • Do you have deliberate bouts of amnesia regarding what you know is true?
  • Do you have an allergy to learning new things or the unknown?
  • Do you have an allergy to nuts?

If you answer yes to any of the above – stop and exit ™Simultania now!

Possible Side Effects:

  • Doubt concerning what you thought ‘factual’
  • Mild disorientation
  • Mild insomnia
  • Sudden increase in joy, humour, energy levels, concern for others.

Serious Allergic Reactions:

  • Sudden loss of appetite
  • Sweating
  • Upset at being misinformed by people in trusted positions

If you experience any of the symptoms above, DO NOT SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE, take a deep breath and forgive all those that have wronged you IMMEDIATELY. In case of overdose get a hot cup of cocoa and have an early night.

Storing Your Simultania Books:

  • Store in a cool dry place away from parents and people who like myths

Active Ingredients:

  • Each book contains a high doses of truth, knowledge and wisdom, fortified with courage, faithfulness, charity, hope and other virtues

WARNING: This story was written in a dimension containing nuts. Can’t guarantee nut free.

By clicking ‘I AGREE’ below you enter the ™SimulVerse at your own risk and accept your life may never be the same again.