Smallville II (the infiltration) – writing guide

Story Summary

  1. It is rumoured all the elites live behind huge walled mansions up in the forrests of Silly Code Mountain but noone is sure as you cant get through the border like Bilderberg.
  2. Donald is kidknapped and taken to Silly Code Mountain where
  3. The Dark Hand spray the town and state with chemtrails to make the people docile and confirmative to persuasion.
  4. Grandad and Johnny watch the news; “thank goodness its not like that in Smallville. This must be the last
  5. “There are people John who want to change our way of living.
  6. A new puppet (of Dark Hand) mayor is “elected by a landslide”;
  7. The locals call for meeting but no one recognises him and everyone says; “I didn’t vote for him.”
  8. Blackstate
  9. “Granddad what are those men doing?” They are not metal detectors… they are looking for the Orb. “Will they find it?” “No.” (he has already found it but they have triangulated it to his house). “The Orb leaves a mark long after it’s gone – so alll we need to do is keep moving it to keep them off the scent.”
  10. Dark Hand visit Donald; “You see the people of Smallville are not playing ball. People in other shires are accusing them of hoarding food and commondities.”
  11. Theyre not – theyre just indusyrious hard working folk.” “That’s all very well but there is going to be an uprising if they don’t comply.
  13. “It is the people of Smallville that are stopping us from building our new world – in which evrryone has a share – a steak!”