Smallville I (the idyllic town) – writing guide

Story Summary

The small idyllic simple, happy town of Smallville in the (ficticious) shire of Littlerock County/ Birdsville/ Countybridge/Blackstate/Blackacre/Blackridge/Capestone/Minnechewa/Udana/Aldertanna/Mooseville/Goose/Liberty/Libertanna/Eaglesotta/Oretton/Takomma/Georgeridge/Alkansa/Alakansa/Turtianna/Freedanna/Freezona/Freemore/Freeman/Featherstone/Firestone/Freetonnia/Temperance/Temperton/Silverstate/Crodonnia has become prosperous (as the Orbs obey the faithful people and are “more powerful than the sins of their rulers”) because it has laws folks, good borders but crucially it’s people adhere to the Old Wisdom of the Orbs. This creates an unseen protection over the shire which the Dark Hand cannot penetrate so The Dark Hand cannot build their long awaited New World (Eutopia) until this city is under their control as it influences all the other shires. So The Dark Hand must take down and control by finding and removing the Orb of Truth so they can blind the townsfolk that they need to give up their freedom and get them all working as slaves for Schmoogle Inc.

  1. People come to Smallville from all over the world to work and Smallville welcomes them.
  2. Big sign; Smallville Welcomes all Aliens! Aliens! Welcome to Smallville!
  3. Checkpoints friendly and everyone understands they are to stop marauders and people who want to corrupt the city from within.