The class beheld the wretched croaking creature Erik was clutching and waving about, he dangled the over the blender. Realising what was about to happen several of the girls let out a scream and covered their faces, but the boys, having got over the shock of what seemed like certain death for the creature, now seemed quite happy to let Erik’s ‘little experiment’ continue and even egged him on – how else would they be able to write a satisfactory conclusion to the origins of life? Erik continued;

“Now dear friends I can guarantee you that this poor little frog you see before you, contains all the necessary ingredients for our experiment, so now we are going to see if combing it with a little energy produces life as Mr Slipsure and his most trusted textbook told us is would.”

“Mr Shipshure unable to comprehend what he was seeing spat his coffee into his mug;

“What are you doing Schmoogle?.. I demand you stop at once!” as he clamoured to get out of his chair and ran towards the other end of the class to save the children from witnessing the dire events that were about to unfold, but by now Erik was in his element and carried on as if nothing mattered;

“So, we have our ingredients, and our energy, now let’s create our primordial soup and see how long it takes to produce life. Of course we must give the poor creature some dignity” he said pulling the black cloth back over the blender. I don’t want to put you off lunch! For a minute he seemed to fumble about behind the blender and then in a triumphant tone he declared: Let the fun begin!” as he switched on the blender and with that Erik dropped the green twitching critter into the the blender where oblivious of it’s fate, it let out a final carefree croak sending several students running for the exit. There was a scream from one of the girls and suddenly to the horror of everyone green mush sqirited out of the blender almost completely covering all over the kids in the front three rows in green slime.

“Schmoooooggggleeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” screamed Mr Shipley slipping on the slime and tripping on the power cord and pulling it out of the wall. Suddenly there was silence as the fate of the poor creature and the disaster sunk in. There was green gunk all over their goggles and hands and desks. for the silence only to be broken by a croak and a green object leapt from Erik’s bag onto the desk.

“This isn’t dead frog” said one of the girls!?” wiping the green gunk off hee googles. Erik to broke into historical laughter.