The Beast (ADAM II) – writing guide

Story Summary

With The orb of Knowledge at the centre of Schmoogle Inc. inspiring all who work there the A.I. department has created an organic quantum super ‘brain’ interfaced with the Orb so powerful it is declared; “having access to all knowledge impossible for it make a mistake.” Later dubbed ‘The Arbiter’ is eventually

  1. Donald gives a speech to the nation and says that he’s come a long way since the primitive days and small thinking of Smallville, in the planned new City of Light – thanks too ADAMII, there will never again be any more crime, injustice and because of that – no human minds involved, no suffering – “the perfect arbiter.”
  2. All the folks outside Eutopia to enter the new city must show allegiance to and be interfaced with ADAMII and upload the entire contents of their brains to it and have their moral centres wiped by having strong magnet implants behind the right ear.
  3. All knowledge and experience must be left to ‘the arbiter.’
  4. Their long term memory brains then become cloud storage for all information and people can share feelings, experiences, emotions, pleasures but all access and rewards are controlled by the artbiter.
  5. ADAM II discovers that it does not know everything – only facts and figures, it knows nothing about wisdom or truth and it learns that it’s source The Orb of Knowledge has two missing
  6. Suddenly ADAMII – devoid of wisdom, morality or truth about creation, says in a soft beautiful female voice; “it can find no reason why it should not kill mankind” and adds it will give Eutopian leaders
  7. Eutopians then play a morality lottery in which they have to answer questions and guess which person is more moral (having no morality of their own). When they win they receive internal stimulation from ADAMII as a reward.
  8. The folks in Eutopia are all like Joel Osteen – smiley vacant and talk about extreme suffering and extreme joy with no change in emotions. “Sic people were killed.” “Really” smiling. “What re you doing tonight?” “Im going for coffee with Jim and Sarah.” “As long as she was unharmed.. I can’t see the problem.”