Book cover text:  Once upon a time there was a place called the The Blue Planet. It was a lush green and emerald place with many great nations and leaders. It’s people, understanding well the tendency of good rulers to become corrupt when given too much power, wisely setup up an amazing set of laws to limit the power that these men could had and thus limit the corruption they could do. Because of these laws, the people of The Blue Planet lived for many years in never before known peace and prosperity. However a few men decided these limits to their power was a hindrance to mankind reaching his full potential and this was kept secret from the masses. But there was a large threat to this small group of men – a threat not in a foreign army, but a young boy – John Kenneth Knowley who lives in a quiet town that nobody ever heard of. Only Johnny is able to fight the dark forces. Follow Johnny and friends in their fight for freedom and quest to save The Blue Planet from tyranny. This is that story.

Inside cover text: 


“Any people willing to give up a little freedom to gain
a little security, deserve neither and will lose both”
Benny Franklin

“Johnny, if you want to be an ace and get lots of medals,
fly above the enemy and pick off the rookies;
but if you want to be a man,
learn to fly in the face of your adversaries.”

“We’re all under the pyramid Johnny… the pyramid of knowledge. There are some that believe that the top of the pyramid is where you can see everything – and that only some are worthy to see from that vantage point. But there is a deeper, bigger secret still Johnny – but it’s an open secret – a secret that is not withheld from anyone; we don’t need to get to the top of the pyramid Johnny, we need to crawl out from under it and rise above it.”

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