Theo 2: The Boy From Nowhere


The boy opened his eyes but there was very little to see. It was the first time he had experienced sight or touch, or any other senses for that matter. Although he was standing on something, there was no visible floor, ceiling or walls – only whiteness all around him. With nothing to focus on the sensation he felt was like being snow-blind in a mountain blizzard. But then he noticed something in the distance. As he looked he began to see others like him, hundreds of white faceless figures with smooth features, all facing his direction aligned in endless rows that spiraled upwards as far as he could see.

There were two things he could see clearly; a circular floating object, and a small shiny black sphere he was holding in his hands. Curious about the floating object, he walked towards it and then around it a few times, touching it cautiously. It was soft and smooth and had few markings on it. Noting it looked perfectly shaped for his body he slowly sat down on it. It was as if it had been designed just for him.

Unsure of his new environment the boy sat motionless, his featureless face staring into the nothingness. He began to toss the orb gently into the air catching it over and over. Eventually looking for a place to put it, he noticed a circular indent in the right arm of the chair that was the same diameter as the orb. As it seemed a natural resting place for the orb, he placed the in the indent. A magnetic force sucked it out of his hand and held it fast in the recess.

Suddenly a green tinted figure appeared in front of him. The boy’s eyes opened wide with surprise and he instantly reached out to touch it, but jerked his hand straight back as he saw it go straight through the man’s face! The green holographic figure began to speak;

“Welcome to ™Simultania No.3,000,000,001. I’m Simon your DigiHost™ and I’ll be assisting you during your time here at the Infinitorium™. We’re delighted to have you audition for the lead role of ‘Theo‘ in our upcoming production called ‘Life™’ First let me say; please don’t be concerned about your new surroundings – or lack of – as you will find out, ‘Life™’ is somewhat unconventional to say the least. In any case, all will become clear as we go. Now, if you’re relaxed and sitting comfortably we’ll start with a little background.” An animated diagram appeared next to the DigiHost™. He continued;


“Some while ago the members of the board here at the Infinitorium™ decided that having everything was not all it was cracked up to be, or at least could be improved upon with a little sideways thinking. You see when you have everything but no one to share it with, it’s questionable wether you have anything at all.

This ‘problem’ was solved however when one of the board had a dream, which demonstrated that the proper way to increase joy was not to become bigger, but smaller, and share what you have with others… a sort of Joy by division or ’less is more’ if you like. They call this  business of division and multiplication of Joy™ ‘Life™’.

Here they ran into a bit of a ‘wall’ so to speak, as the dream also showed that real Joy and Life™ can only be experienced fully when one also has complete freedom. The trouble was, the board had no one beside them-self to give this experience to. Luckily the answer also lay in the dream, and this would be to create ‘vessels’ separate from them-self and allow them experience ‘otherness’, freedom and Joy™ for themselves.

However this created a new second ‘problem’. You see according to the dream, giving a separate entity freedom to do as it pleases would lead to all manner of unavoidable and undesirable consequences, yet it had already been shown that denying this freedom would nullify joy and thus the whole meaning of Life™.

But The Board – not one to give up easily – pronounced the Joy™ they planned for their vessels to enjoy, infinitely outweighed the ‘risk’ posed by the second ‘problem’ – and in any case, the dream ended rather well! So they pressed ahead and began by encrypting a recording of their entire dream of ‘Life™’ in the black object you were holding earlier.

All they needed now was a suitable vessel to play the part of the hero. Pre-production on Life™ would start with a series of interviews for the lead part, with one condition required of the candidate in order for this production to have any hope of reaching its forgone conclusion; they must volunteer to play the part without coercion. So why haven’t we found a suitable candidate?

Well as you will see, the lead role is an exceptionally demanding one. While all parts in the drama require a level of courage, the hero requires a strength of character far greater than any other, making it the most demanding role of all. So in a sense this is not an audition at all, as we are not giving the part away – rather the willing candidate will be taking it… and this is where you come in!

What you’re about to see is The Board’s complete vision of ‘Life™’ from it’s ‘beginning’ to its’ successful conclusion, which may lead you to ask; how can a production be completed before it’s been started? The answer is surprisingly simple – let me explain.

With most theatrical productions, a story is first written by the author – often a mixture of truth and myth. Then actors are auditioned to play the parts. Then finally, after many rehearsals the entire production is played out to good or bad reviews.

In ‘Life™’ however the order of events are reversed. First the entire production is encrypted in The Orb of ‘Time’™ – the shiny object you were holding earlier – and deemed as magnanimous before its inception. It is then played out in the mind of the author to marvellous reviews. Next ‘actors’ are created for parts in the production which is followed by a single ‘rehearsal’ – which actually isn’t a rehearsal at all. Lastly the plot, and every scene and ‘script’ in the play is meticulously recorded in detail.

You see Life™ is a kind of anti-drama since the ‘script’ is actually real! Acting skills and ‘talent’ are helpful, but not necessary for success. And unlike a conventional play you won’t be required to memorise a script as all necessary lines will be given to you as you need them by The Board. All that’s required is for one to follow their prompts faithfully.

So now it’s time for you to view our production of Life™. You will be taken on a wild and extraordinary journey of adventure and intrigue, and be able to experience the proposed part of the hero in the drama from beginning to end as a holographic simulation – 100% digitally identical to the real thing!

You will notice, compared to the other parts available, the hero appears relatively few times throughout the drama, however there will be a lot of behind-the-scenes and out-of ‘hours’ work that needs doing – even after many of the other players have retired. Whilst the role would be in the OuterRealm™ your most important mission would consist of several digitised appearances in InnerRealm™ or ‘Time’ Continuum 1 – ‘TC1’ for short. For these scenes your vessel or ‘suit’ will be set to ‘linear viewing mode’ allowing you to experience them in real ‘time’.

Now I should point out that whilst there is no obligation to take on this role… should you do so you will need to fulfil all the scenes as already recorded in The Orb of Time™. Should you accept this mission to play the hero, all necessary instructions and resources will be given to you as you need them. But, if you pull out early or fail… let’s just say things could get tricky – a risk we have decided to take. But you will not be alone, and will have the full backing of The Board, and their solemn word that should you complete the mission successfully, your efforts will be made worth while not just for you, but all their representatives here at the ™Infinitorium.

Should you decline the role, we simply will continue the ‘interview’ process until the post is filled, and you will be directed to our ‘newcomers’ department, allocated your name and given a personalised TMSimultania Starter-Kit, and offered several alternative roles in bringing this production to its foregone conclusion.

Whatever you decide, we are sure you’ll enjoy your time in Simultania™ and would like to thank you for appearing here today! Would you like to ask anything before we start the presentation?” said the DigiHost™ concluding his lengthy introduction. The boy shook his head.

“Marvelous! Then without further a-do please put on your InfiniCine™ helmet, sit back and enjoy the presentation.” Just then several buttons marked; << REW  PLAY► I I PAUSE  ■STOP  and FWD►► appeared under the boy’s fingers.

“When you’re ready to begin press ‘PLAY► and rewind, fast-forward, play or pause a scene as many times as you like to get a thorough view of the action. When you’re ready to make your decision on wether or not to play the part of the hero, press ‘STOP’ to exit the presentation.” And with that, the DigiHost™ froze, turned to a dot and disappeared.


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