The Dark Hand – writing guide

Story Summary

The year is 1770 and after several failed attempts to take over the world one evil Draconnian Adam Weisshft forms the The Dark Hand to take over the word once and for all. He draws up a plan to do it using everything at his disposal;

  1. They model their takeover for becoming prosperous on The Old Texts (Torah).
  2. “Brothers, there is nothing new under the sun. We need power and we have no power without wealth. So let us not waste time reinventing the wheel when all knowledge and millennia trial and error is in these Old Texts – much as I detest it’s false claims about the existance of so-called missing Orbs and their true nature and their alleged ‘separation’. Apart from the Orb of Time, there is only one Orb – Knowledge.
  3. He pulls out the orb.
  4. They all stand round and bow before it.
  5. We will use our minds like they use their bodies.
  6. We will infiltrate every level of every institution ad workplace schools..
  7. “The Old Texts tell us how to generate and use their sweat to do it.
  8. As for what to do once we are wealthy, for our Wisdom we will use our own traditions (Kabalah).
  9. Then having produced the worlds most powerful rich country – Ameros; they then seek to enslave the “unworthy peasants”/ “horrid little people” as the Kabalah demands.
  10. Brothers we cannot hope o do this here, under the spotlight of the kings and priests. We need a fresh start – independence – a free reign!”