Theo 4: Theo’s Inaugration


Immediately the buttons under the boys fingers fingers disappeared. The DigiHost™ spoke again, this time hardly containing his excitement;

“Well done Theo!”… thank you for accepting our great and mighty challenge! This is truly a momentous occasion!

“Well done!” he exclaimed excitedly. Thank you for accepting this great and mighty challenge. In a moment I would like to present you with some special gifts and instructions but first… I would like to present you with… (there was a drum roll) with… your new assistants! At that moment a thousand spotlights came on, lighting up and revealing to the boy for the first time the huge Infinitorium™ filled with 10,000,000,000,000,000 spectators that packed it from top to bottom. It was an awesome sight!

Up until this point the boy had no idea the whole thing had been witnessed by hordes or other beings but The Powers That Is gave us strict instructions not to distract any decisions! If truth be told we were all glad someone had finally stepped up to the challenge as none of us had the gits to do it. But having seen the presentation I was firmly resolved to help the cause in any way I could!

“And now” said the DigiHost™, “we would now like to present you with your gifts to help you in your mission. There was a drum roll followed by a cymbal followed and a shout;

“We present… a certificate with your brand new name! This again was followed by a huge applause. Then there was another drum roll and a shout;

“We present… The Great Orbs!.. followed by more rapturous applause followed by  another shout;

“We present… The Book That Cannot Be Read!.. followed by even more applause followed by another shout;

“We present… The Orbs of Virtue!.. followed by even more applause followed by another shout;

“We present… The Blueprints!.. followed by yet more great applause followed by another shout;

“We present… your certificate of freedom!.. oh and some instructions on how to use that lot!” There was laughter from all round the Infinitorium™. “And last but not least we present… The Orb of Time!

“People of the OuterRealm we have one more thing to present. The Powers That Is have asked me to pass on a personal message to you. To retrieve it, please press the button with the Print icon on your left. The boy pressed the button and a slit appeared in the arm of the chair. There was absolute silence except for the sound of an ink-jet slowly printing out the hand written message. Out came a piece of paper with some handwriting and a signature on it. The boy tore off the letter and read it. After reading and along expectant pause it he looked up at the audience and smiled. The boy waved the paper in the air to more applause.” Again came the DigitalHostTM.

“And now that the selection process is over, we would like to say that since you have no way of verifying what you have seen to be true, and since you accepted our word by faith, should you complete your mission you along with your assistants will be granted the highest honor. However for a short while during your mission you will be required take a lower position than your counterparts, but that time will be short and has not yet come.

Finally, on behalf of all of us here at ™Simultania Infinitorium™ – from Sophias, Adagnitio, Veritas and your new assistants and myself – your DigiHost™ for tonight, we wish you all the best.” The boy stood up and held the Orbs and There was a massive applause, clapping and cheering.

“Hail Theo! “Hail Theo! “Hail Theo! “Hail Theo!” they shouted.

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