Taking The City/The Last War (Armgdn) – writing guide

Story Summary (Rev 19; 11-19)

This story is about the deceived nations of the world fighting Theo and His return to destroy them with mouth/sword (Orb) of truth. This is valley of decision spoken of by prophet Joel. All nations are represented at this battle. The Jordan Valley contains army numbering 200 million men women and children with weapons, artillery pieces, vehicles. These last 4 battles happen almost simultaneously?

  1. Theo from OuterRealm blinds all the horses of the nations
  2. The scene is devastating. Nuclear and neutron weapons have done serious damage
  3. The battles grows so fierce, so destructive, and so wanton is the carnage that God sends Michael the archangel in on The Little People’s (faithful Israelites not js) side.
  4. Theo sends The Little people visions of Eden before their eyes to encourage them as behind them they only see desolation.
  5. 2/3rds faithful Little People will perish.
  6. Rains come and flood waters raise blood to horses bridles.
  7. Theo returns and destroys his enemies with his sword of truth (words). IS THIS ACTUALLY THE LAST REBELLION?
  8. “This place is hell on earth (burnt our Eutopia). “It’s just the beginning.”