Life in The Outskirts – writing guide

Story Summary

  1. In the outskirts the real women and children (‘Useless Eaters’ to the Elitarian Leaders) are lonely, develop low self esteem, depression sad and long for their real men and all rely on drugs to survive.
  2. Johnny finds the Orb of Wisdom in his Granddads case..
  3. Johnny finds old artifact/family photo/school year photo? where he realises their past is altered.
  4. The Orb of Wisdom tells John to find 10 followers (his wise men) and make the trip with his to Croydonia to see Alvin but they realise its radioactive so some volunteer to die for the cause.
  5. Show ‘crazy man’ still wandering about saying ‘Repent the lord is nigh’ – he is confused.
  6. A man is brought before Schmoogle for choosing not to worship on Starday (find an alterative for SUN-DAY). He is tried:    This man is found to be guilty of for his own ‘selfishesh’ putting the peace and safety of others at steak. The people find him guitlty and he is brought out to be pulled apart in the opening ceremony of the Coluseum. The people begin to think they are in deep doo doo at the hands of Schmoogle “It was such a wonderful event Leader Schmoogle”.
  7. People in the Outskirts begin to notice something is up.
  8. Schmoogle panics and increases the dose of drugs through the pipes and water (Fluoride and Ritenol levels) – Spies (children coerced to work for NWO)
  9. PEASANTS IN OUTSKIRTS AT MEETING: “people of the outskirts – we – the Useless Eaters ..” (Alvin Bishop tunes in and finds out they have lost their history but he is oblivious to the fact that he can help). “If the power ever is fully centralized – you might as well never have been born”. Centralise power goes as follows: adam/eve > families > tribes > communities > nations > national unions > single nation.
  10. He notices there is no response – he says “whats wrong with you people? – what are those pills your taking – give those to me – I want you to throw all your pills away and and come back in 2 days and well have the meeting again”.