The Rise of Schmoogle Inc. – writing guide

Story Summary

Don Schmoogle runs a successful Chemist but he holds a dark secret that the Dark Hand have wanted for 500 years since 14/1500s – the Elixir for ever lasting life. Unknown to The Dark Hand (who think Erik is The One) dying Drakos wants to first turn men “back into Gods” and reverse Theo’s curse and then depose him by becoming immortal and re-writing history (Orb of Time) and learning the secrets to creation (Orb of Knowledge) and finally enter humanity, live and rule forever.

But Schmoogle refuses to give up his secret so they try various means and eventually he gives in; While he awaits a time when he can escape their clutches he rises from strength to strength almost with super-powers. It seems no one can stop him (facilitated by Dark Hand). Finally the money and fame and power trap his soul and he becomes an arrogant tyrant – not the once meek Dr Schmoogle.

  2. He becomes suspicious of strange visitors to his shop.
  3. Donald is teased about his products by Dark Hand; “You’ll never get rich selling cures.”
  4. “Aren’t you tired of this little shop. Struggling to make ends meet?”
  5. They send a beautiful spy into his store with a headache.
  6. Donald treats the woman and he starts to fall for her charms.
  7. “if you can first get the last resistance to the NWO Smallville under your control” and we (The dark Hand) will grant you all resources and financing to create Schmoogle take over Smallville. But he wants to remain a clean living person. Finally through blackmail and pressure of going bust (The Dark Hand know his past working for SS and being an illegal), Donald feels he must go along with their plans.
  8. “We have great plans Donald. But we need your help. Only someone as gifted as you can help us achieve our goals.
  9. Donald says its ok and hed rather stay as a small business serving the local people.
  10. The Dark Hand squeeze the water supply so taps run dry. Create artificial shortages for people of Smallville until they become part of the ‘Cooperative Union. “Sorry those in the union take precedence.”
  11. The governor complains to the Dark Hand
  12. The Dark Hand imprison him and install Donald as Governor of Smallville.
  13. “We need you to do our bidding. The people will listen to you.”
  14. “People. There are neignbouring states threataning to raid us.”
  15. “Theyre violent people.”
  16. “Trust me – I will do everything in my power to get a good deal for you.”
  17. The people trust Donald.