The Trial of Drakos

Drakos faced Theo;

“And this…. ‘Orb of Time’ you say you have…. you say this is history encapsulated?… so what on earth are we to make of this?.. are we meant to believe this fairytale that we all have so-called ‘freedom’?!! Either everything is pre-determined or it isn’t!? Drakos turned to face the jury.

“In any case – he is lying! Theo does not know the beginning from the end of history any more than we do… for that…” Drakos paused; “he would have to be some kind of God!” There were laughs in the stands. ” Drakos continued with an air of sarcasm in his voice;

“But I suppose… if by another one of his ‘miracles’ he does know the begging from the end of history – then in the interest of fairness that would never do! A new orb must be created.”

“What exactly must this Orb do?” said one of the judges.

“It must simply record events as it unfolds – a new history – not one cast in stone before anyone has had a chance to see if there is actually any semblance of justice or mercy involved, that not a single soul can alter or do anything about to improve the lot of his wretched creatures!

No for real freedom to exist, this Orb must simply record time as it unfolds – no more – no less! And may I propose in the interest of transparency it’s contents remains open – unencrypted. I am frankly sick of everything around here being ‘hidden’, ‘closed’ or ‘encrypted’ for ‘our sake’. This is just a smokescreen. Let every source be open to scrutiny.

“I have to say he does have a point… he’s beginning to sound like a reasonable chap after-all.”

“Have you lost your mind?”