Ultimate Reality – writing guide

THEOS Inc creates following:
– THEOS OX (perfect OS)
– the 3 Great Orbs (Truth Knowledge & Wisdom encrypted in stones. These are presented to THEO at his inauguration).
– 10 Virtues
– The Cosmic Code (like C++ (written in book given to Theo at inaugration)
– several programs (Space/Windows).
– Also encrypted in stone is THEOS’s vision – this is The Orb of Time (a record of all history).


THEOS = Pure Personality Love

Truth – Veritas (Word)

Knowledge – Adagnitio

Wisdom – Sophias (Spirit)/Sophos/Sapientia/Sophia).

SIS (Single Invisible Immeasurable Omnipotent Omnipresent Single Invisible Substance = No differentiation of matter, molecule, time, morality law).

Reality is spiritual. youtube.com/watch?v=qwpPN2MB7N0&feature=related   (5:00)

Read in my voice/schoolmaster (forward by August in his voice)

THEOS (TKW/Law/Love/The Great Spirit/The Pure Language/Word/Consciousness (non physical) are pondering what’s greater than having & being everything

They discuss: 1st how being everything actually limits everything; i.e no diversity = no dependency = no giving = no love.

Theos wishes to create joy but has no one to share it with.

THEOS decide that division and reliance on each other – i.e reverse conventional wisdom/serving order is the answer.

Theos envision how this sharing can be done with proposed ‘vessels’ (beings) to be ‘in image of/like’ Gods (but not gods) but vision includes unavoidable problem.

Theos knows some will choose to reject TKW introducing evil. Theos foresee‘ problem’ of pride/reversing serving order/sin/war, a cosmic risk.

Theos know Theo, their creation may turn on them, taking their power but risk worth taking (largest in history!)

THEOS proves there is no way to avoid darkness (rejection of light) so decide go ahead – joy and their other plans for creation being so great (they also have plan to eradicate evil in the end).

THEOS envisage dividing their eternal conscience further creating vessels/beings to live in and increase Joy for all.

THEOS completes His first goal; to increase Joy by dividing into 3.

In the beginning they were just 3 consciences communing/speaking with one another (i.e the Word). Being just conscience i.e. thought/ideas/words there is no division where one conscience starts and another finishes – so they are 1 even though they are 3.

First scene in film is total white screen with inaudible language and subtitles as the 3 communicate (the pure language).

Mind Over Matter

With the Pure Language there is zero ambiguity. Everything means what it means and nothing else – its (like) speaking in code.

THEOS Inc. (wisdom, knowledge and truth) CREATE FOR HIM/THEMSELF THE FIRST PHYSICAL MATTER – SPACE by speaking out their minds in unison.

Theos Inc. (being both ‘him’ – a single conscience and ‘them’ -3 consciences with no division between them since they are only words and inaccurately but necessarily depicted white blobs) create energy/matter by coming together and creating fire > energy > matter (like critical mass/nuclear fission). Then after the explosion there was just space/energy.