Theo 1: Ultimate Reality


The three shapes had been continually changing form and merging in and out of one another for what seemed like an eternity. Having achieved their first goal, they were now contemplating another idea. One of them, Sophias spoke;

“Your question; is there anything greater than having everything – has proved an interesting paradox Adagnitio, but I am not surprised to learn as with all mysteries, you already knew the answer! For though I knew that we as one possessed everything, I was not convinced of your proposal that by our division and becoming smaller, we would in fact become larger as a whole. I always believed that ‘greatness’ lay in enlargement of self, but how wrong I was!

“You are correct I always knew the answer to my question” responded Adagnitio. I hope you didn’t think me disingenuous in asking it, but as Veritas has said, what is and isn’t, must be verified by two or three witnesses at the very least – the word of one is never enough. With Sophias’ wisdom, Veritas’ confirmation and my knowledge, we have demonstrated that by our division and becoming smaller, and making each of us reliant on the another, we have not only retained our original fulfilment in our combined state, but created an entirely new virtue from this diversity – the virtue of giving, leading to an increase in fulfilment for all! Let us call this new virtue… ‘Generosity!’


“I agree” said Veritas, the third shape. “The demonstration has shown us that joy is indeed created and multiplied by becoming less and not more! Had it not been for you Sophias, Adagnitio and myself would have never understood this, yet we have now seen for ourselves that though less individually, in unity we make an overall profit!”

“How then shall we increase this profit further Adagnitio?” asked Sophias.

“If by division and reliance on one another has led to greater fulfilment for all, it follows that further division would only increase it all the more. Our individual greatness is proportional to how small one becomes in relation to others and the Joy we experience the proportional to how much we serve each other. Maximum Joy would therefore come from the greatest opportunity to give or empty oneself into others, and since we are an unlimited eternal source not diminished by division, there should be no end to the Joy we can create by dividing and pouring ourselves out further.”

“This is true” said Adagnitio, “but as it stands we only have one another to give to. Surely ultimate Joy would be in sharing with an entirely separate entity.”

“I agree, we must find a way to divide our-self more completely. We must create a brand new entity – a new ‘self’ separate from us that we can pour our essence into.”

“How exciting” replied Adagnitio. “What form do you propose this new entity should take?” Sophias began to explain;

“It should a kind of vessel… a distinct physical entity – aware of ‘self’ just as we are, yet experience a separateness from us. This will give rise to a ‘personality’ separate and distinct from our own. We shall call this new being and personality a ‘soul’”

“Fantastic, and let us give this soul the same experience we have, so it feels that it is the centre of everything looking outward, and everything was made for it – even though in reality – it was made for us.” Sophias added;

“Yes, the vessel would also be a place for us to inhabit also – a residence for both its and our eternal conscience. Though completely separate from it, our spirit can commune and be one with this new soul. Let the soul reflect our likeness in all it does. If we can achieve that we have done well!”

“Wonderful Sophias! How should we create this new entity?”

“First we ‘divide’ our conscience, but think of it as a partition since our eternal mind cannot be divided. Then we will create the vessel to house our newly partitioned conscience and from which the new ‘soul’ will arise. Finally we pour our own conscience into this new vessel and become one with it.”

“But I am concerned” replied Veritas. “Since we are merely conscience, we have nothing tangible to give the new soul. We are but plain and humble virtues!”

“On the contrary Adagnitio. What could be better than the gift of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth… the essence of life itself!”

“And don’t forget Joy!” added Sophias.

“Remember we are life Adagnitio, and your humility alone is an infinitely valuable gift. Take heart! Our challenge now is how wonderfully we can make this new physical being. Once created we will set about giving it all manner of gifts to make its existence more than just ‘being’ as we know it!”

“We will give it the power to create any number of tangible things it desires and endow it with ‘senses’ to experience them. And what’s more, these senses will be be the ‘portal’ – the ‘window’ from which we also can also enjoy what it creates!”

“Did you say; Give it the power of creation?!” asked Veritas. “Can our infinite eternal power source be shared? Surely one cannot share the power of creation with another being since creation requires an infinite power source, so by definition can only belong to one!”

“No!” replied Veritas. “This is why we must give all our creative power to it, so like us it is free to create according to its own will.”

“It’s another wonderful proposal, but aren’t you getting a carried away? Is it safe to give all power in existence to an unknown entity? If it has complete ‘otherness’ in relation to us and freedom to do as it pleases, it may reject our presence altogether and decide to exist apart from us – corrupting the image we created. Is it wise to create such a being?!”

“Corruption will never take root in it so long as we live in it. In any case there is a caveat to giving this being all power.”

“Which is?”

“It must be willing willing to loose all.”

“What if the being does not accept this?”

“We simply create another, until we find one that does.”

“But there is another problem” said Adagnitio.

“Go on” said Sophias already knowing Adagnitio’s thoughts.

“Sooner or later the being will desire what we missed as a single entity.”

“You mean fellowship with other entities?”


“Why is this a problem?”

“Because in its quest for fellowship it may create more souls.”


“Well don’t you see? A rebellion requires only three consenting spirits, and whilst we have only created one being, this then becomes a possibility. What if these souls form an alliance and reject our presence altogether?”

“Adagnitio went silent, his mood changing. The other two noticed.

“Has your new-found joy departed already?” said Sophias.

“Somewhat” said Veritas. “I see a great Darkness ahead.”

“What is ‘Darkness’?” asked Adagnitio.

“Darkness is where light has been banished” said Veritas.”

“But where does it come from?”

“Darkness is not created, it is rooted in the freedom to not choose light.”

“Then what is light?” asked Adagnitio.

“Light abounds when truth, wisdom and knowledge are beheld together, so none of us alone are enough to dispel darkness, and we must remain together.”

“So you mean we have been banished from this place. Where is this dark realm?”

“ Somewhere in the future” replied Veritas “I can picture it”.

“But we have no future or past here – only the present.”

“True” replied Adagnitio, “but the darkness I see is not here, but in a world to come.”

“What happened in his world to bring darkness?” asked Sophias.

“Some of the souls who lived there sought only knowledge, but forgot truth and wisdom. With knowledge alone, wisdom and truth were lost and the light was banished and darkness was born. Where there is no light – there is no life.”

“Could they not live in the remaining light?”

“Everyone knows when they are in total darkness, but few realise they are on the wrong path when they have a little light. Who cannot taste pure poison?.. it is most deadly when a few drops are used. When truth, wisdom and knowledge are separated, the light mixed with darkness is more dangerous than no light at all!”

“So my concern was warranted!” said Adagnitio. “Some souls are bound to rebel!”

“It’s inevitable.”

“Then all souls must be kept from whatever causes our light to be hidden.”

“And prohibit freedom? Can a soul live that is not free?” Veritas asked;

“To live fully is to be fully free. Even freedom to desire what is not rightfully yours?.. freedom to choose darkness! There is no life outside freedom.”

“So if life is freedom to reject light, this will lead to ten-thousand forms of darkness! Surely it is better not to create any souls, lest we be blamed for the darkness that will surely fall!”

Though darkness may appear, and we blamed for its creation – it is a small price to pay for the gifts we plan to bestow on those that love the light!”

“Can we not enforce our light and still given them freedom?”

“You go in circles Adagnitio! To enforce anything is to enslave. We will make our collective light known to all who seek. Nothing can live apart from us… to reject us is to reject life! Have hope my friend, as light always dispels darkness!”

“What one of us is taken captive and we become separated? If darkness is born who will be responsible for its abolition?””

“Oh Sophias you are a worrier! Fear not, for we are incorruptible, and will create everything – all matter and life itself within our conscience, and cast our virtues of wisdom, truth and knowledge in stone that none has the power to break. No corruption will be outside our power to rectify.”

“And if history itself is corrupted?”

“Then history too will be cast in stone from beginning to end, and revealed in degrees beforehand to those that faithfully seek our virtues – those we shall call the keepers. For as we are reliant on each other – they too will need hope in the coming darkness. But rest assured, only those that suppress light will be cut-off. Ours is simply to find souls that will willingly receive our gifts and fulfil our vision.”

Adagnitio paused for a long while, running through the logic in his mind. Finally he spoke;

“I see it is unavoidable; in order to give souls life to the full, they must be free in equal measure with freedom to reject us. We have no choice – it’s freedom or nothing!” Veritas affirmed Adagnitio’s conclusion.”

“You have much wisdom Sophias” said Adagnitio.

“Thank you Adagnitio” replied Sophias. “Now let us make our dream a reality, but before we create our new vessel, how about some more virtues? Shall we begin?”


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